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Vision of BusinessBusiness Area
  • Localization of High-Performance/High-Function Carbon Fiber
    - Development of Production Technology of Carbon Fiber with High-Performance and High-Function : Factory Design
       and Enhancement of Unique Production Technology → Localization of Carbon Fiber
    - Technology Development & Commercialization of PAN Precursor : Technology Transfer to China and United Kingdom
       (UK) and Joint Venture → Localization of PAN Precursor
  • Launch Various Carbon Fibers Products into the Market
    - High-performance and High-function of Carbon Fiber (T-300,-700,-800 grade PAN 12K, 24K) and Carbon Nano Fiber
       (New Product Line)
  • Target Market
    - Airbus & Boeing Certified Carbon Fiber (Aerospace Grade)
    - Carbon fiber molding technology : Soft and Hard Felt